Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comics Bulletin on THUNDERBOLTS #128

Comics Bulletin have run the first review of THUNDERBOLTS #128, on sale today in the US. From the review:

In this issue we find the Black Widow and Ant-Man engaged in covert ops aboard Air Force One. It would seem that writer Andy Diggle is setting up these Thunderbolts as the opposite of Nick Fury's Secret Warriors. Osborn would now have a mirror team for Nick Fury as well as Captain America, the Dark Avengers vs the New Avengers...

The creative team has done a great job in this issue. Writer Andy Diggle uses dialogue quite well, with the entire cast sounding unique and true to their character. The art is excellent, both the consistent and sharp pencils and the mood setting colors. Each character is instantly recognizable and no two people look alike, and the scale used with certain size-changing members of the Thunderbolts is handled accurately.

Read the whole thing, plus a 6-page preview, at Comics Bulletin.

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