Monday, July 21, 2008

My SDCC Schedule

Okay, looks like I'm good to go. Those saintly folks at DC Comics have already sorted out my hotel room and registration, so all I need to do now is... well, travel 5,000 miles!

This is all subject to change, but here's how my schedule is shaping up:

  • Thursday 10am -- Signing at the DC Booth
  • Friday 6pm -- Signing at the DC Booth
  • Saturday 3:30pm -- Signing at the DC Booth
  • Saturday 5pm -- Signing at the Capcom Booth (with Dave Gibbons!)
  • Saturday 6pm -- Speaking on Capcom's BIONIC COMMANDO Panel (Room 2)
  • Sunday 2pm -- Signing at the DC Booth

It's a shame Colin Wilson couldn't join Dave Gibbons for the BIONIC COMMANDO signing; it would have been a real old-school ROGUE TROOPER reunion!

Now I just have to finish off three different scripts in the next 24 hours, while simultaneously celebrating my eight-year wedding anniversary. (Forward planning was never my forte).

I've just ordered a bottom-end Asus EEE PC off Amazon for "Guaranteed Next Day Delivery by 1pm" (we'll see!) so I can get some writing done on the journey. Something tells me I'm gonna need it...

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