Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's The Traditional Pre-SDCC Panic Attack!

Shameful to admit I haven't blogged for three months, but I haven't been allowed to announce any of my new projects and, hell, it's not like you wanted to know what I had for breakfast, right... ?

Fortunately, word is now out at Newsarama about the BIONIC COMMANDO web-comic I've written for Capcom, based on their forthcoming videogame remake / sequel / requel. It's illustrated by the mighty, mighty Colin Wilson -- one of my boyhood artistic heroes -- and if like me you grew up awed by his work on JUDGE DREDD and ROGUE TROOPER, you know there's no-one on the planet who draws plausible near-future military hardware like Colin.

We're running the webcomic at (updated every Wednesday) and the whole 32-page shebang will be bound up as a free giveaway comic for people who pre-order the game. What makes it even cooler is the fact that Dave Gibbons (you've heard of this WATCHMEN thing, right? Heard it might catch on) has done the cover for us, and he'll be signing free posters with me at the Capcom booth at SDCC from 5pm this Saturday.

That's right around the time my next big writing gig is being announced. Watch this space. This one's gonna be fun.

I'll then be wittering (and possibly Twittering) about my involvement with Bionic Commando at the big Capcom panel at 6pm, SDCC Room 2. I'll presumably also be signing at the DC booth at some point, though I haven't seen a schedule yet.

Meanwhile I'm running around like a tweaker in a hamster wheel, trying to get on top of my unannounced projects before I lose a week inside the giant crazy pinball machine that is San Diego Comic-Con. That's if they'll even let me in. I'm on DC's guest list, but I never registered with the con folks and now I'm having a last-minute panic attack that I won't be eligible for entry...

Anyway, I promise I'll update this blog more often, and daily via this newfangled Twitter feed. Stay tuned.

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