Friday, December 05, 2008

THUNDERBOLTS # 128 Solicitation

Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Penciled by ROBERTO
Variant Cover by CLINT LANGLEY

From the ashes of Secret Invasion, an all-new era for the Thunderbolts erupts, with repercussions felt right across the Marvel Universe!

Yelena Belova (a.k.a. Black Widow II) leads the irredeemable Ant-Man and the sinister Ghost in a daring mission to take down the U.S. President aboard Air Force One! But even as Norman Osborn tightens his grip on power, he must battle toe-to-toe against his deadliest foe: the Green Goblin! Wait, what...?

Be there as writer Andy Diggle (The Losers) and artist Roberto De La Torre (INVINCIBLE IRON MAN) flip everyone's favorite team of villains upside down!

On Sale 21 January 2009

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My first issue of THUNDERBOLTS hits stores in the U.S. tomorrow, and there are already a couple of positive advance reviews up on Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.

It's actually kind of a weird way to start my first ever ongoing Marvel series. While it's set after the events of SECRET INVASION # 8, it goes on sale beforehand; so I've had to deal with the ramifications of SI's twist ending without actually spoiling it.

The ending of SECRET INVASION will have massive repercussions for the Marvel Universe in general and THUNDERBOLTS in particular, and you'll see those changes played out in my third issue (on sale in January).

So THUNDERBOLTS # 126 moves all the pieces into position, 127 checkmates them, and 128 throws the chess board out of the window and sets fire to the building.

It's going to be a fun ride.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Quick interview on my involvement with Capcom's BIONIC COMMANDO.

Twitter On

I generally only use this blog to make big work announcements (and hopefully there'll be one at Baltimore this weekend -- watch this space!). For the day-to-day stuff, look me up on Twitter.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Catching Up With Newsarama

Newsarama just posted a quickie interview with li'l ol' me.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


My second HELLBLAZER graphic novel THE LAUGHING MAGICIAN goes on sale today, but being dedicated fans I'm sure you've already rushed out and bought it, right? Anyone? Bueller... ?

Here's what people have been saying about my HELLBLAZER run:

"The perfect jumping-on point for Diggle's near-definitive take on the character... Diggle and Manco do for John Constantine what CASINO ROYALE did for James Bond."
Brian K. Vaughan

"Subtle, well-considered writing with a creeping, gradual sense of dread. It's very impressive...This is already the best HELLBLAZER since Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon were in charge."

"A must-read! Diggle's conjuring a spot-on take of Constantine's character. BOOK OF THE MONTH"

"You'd be well-served to start at the beginning of Diggle's run, because this is the best work of fiction John Constantine has been involved with in years."

"Like Diggle's take on Constantine's world, Manco's art shows no mercy and spares no-one... HELLBLAZER is as good as it's ever been. GRADE: A+ "

"If you haven't jumped on board yet, you better hurry up."
Ain't It Cool News

Off you go then!

Monday, September 01, 2008


I've been happily friending fans on MySpace and ComicSpace for a while now, but I've always tried to keep Facebook reserved for friends, colleagues and people I actually know (ar at least, know of).

Unfortunately, that has meant having to Ignore a lot of Facebook friend requests from well-meaning fans, which seems a bit... well, shitty.

But no more! I've finally snapped and created one of those newfangled Facebook "Fan Pages" that all the cool kids* have.

Come and say hi!

(*i.e. McKelvie)

Friday, August 08, 2008

I Get My Kicks On Earth 616

So the big announcement for me at SDCC was that I'm taking over as regular writer on Marvel's THUNDERBOLTS. Chris Gage is doing the four-issue SECRET INVASION tie-in, and then it's my baby -- ably supported by Roberto De La Torre (IRON MAN: DIRECTOR OF SHIELD) on art.

It's all come together so fast, my head's still spinning. I bumped into Pasqual Ferry at the Barcelona con a few months back, and we agreed that working together on a NICK FURY book would pretty much be our dream job. Turns out Marvel already had plans for Nick Fury and Pasqual, but they came right back at me with, "How'd you like to write THUNDERBOLTS?"


My only previous Marvel work was a PUNISHER one-shot a few years ago, and I have to say this is an interesting time to be getting my foot in the door. I'm picking up THUNDERBOLTS exactly where SECRET INVASION ends -- and it's great fun being a part of what they have planned next for the ol' 616.

It's also great fun writing a bunch of homicidal psychopaths like Bullseye, Venom and Norman Osborn.

Fun. Damn, it's been a while. I've just finished writing the first draft of my first issue, and I can honestly say I haven't had this much fun writing a comic in years. In fact, I can barely remember when writing a comic didn't feel like homework. So yeah, colour me happy.

My run begins with Norman Osborn moving his chess pieces into place in the immediate aftermath of the Skrull invasion -- and then everything flips on its head. The status quo gets thrown out the window. We simultaneously open both a can of worms and a can of whup-ass, and that's a two-can guarantee.

Below are some teaser interviews I've done with the main comic sites. I'm sworn to secrecy on where it's all going, but trust me, once you see how SECRET INVASION ends, you'll wish you were already picking up THUNDERBOLTS. 'Nuff said!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My SDCC Schedule

Okay, looks like I'm good to go. Those saintly folks at DC Comics have already sorted out my hotel room and registration, so all I need to do now is... well, travel 5,000 miles!

This is all subject to change, but here's how my schedule is shaping up:

  • Thursday 10am -- Signing at the DC Booth
  • Friday 6pm -- Signing at the DC Booth
  • Saturday 3:30pm -- Signing at the DC Booth
  • Saturday 5pm -- Signing at the Capcom Booth (with Dave Gibbons!)
  • Saturday 6pm -- Speaking on Capcom's BIONIC COMMANDO Panel (Room 2)
  • Sunday 2pm -- Signing at the DC Booth

It's a shame Colin Wilson couldn't join Dave Gibbons for the BIONIC COMMANDO signing; it would have been a real old-school ROGUE TROOPER reunion!

Now I just have to finish off three different scripts in the next 24 hours, while simultaneously celebrating my eight-year wedding anniversary. (Forward planning was never my forte).

I've just ordered a bottom-end Asus EEE PC off Amazon for "Guaranteed Next Day Delivery by 1pm" (we'll see!) so I can get some writing done on the journey. Something tells me I'm gonna need it...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's The Traditional Pre-SDCC Panic Attack!

Shameful to admit I haven't blogged for three months, but I haven't been allowed to announce any of my new projects and, hell, it's not like you wanted to know what I had for breakfast, right... ?

Fortunately, word is now out at Newsarama about the BIONIC COMMANDO web-comic I've written for Capcom, based on their forthcoming videogame remake / sequel / requel. It's illustrated by the mighty, mighty Colin Wilson -- one of my boyhood artistic heroes -- and if like me you grew up awed by his work on JUDGE DREDD and ROGUE TROOPER, you know there's no-one on the planet who draws plausible near-future military hardware like Colin.

We're running the webcomic at (updated every Wednesday) and the whole 32-page shebang will be bound up as a free giveaway comic for people who pre-order the game. What makes it even cooler is the fact that Dave Gibbons (you've heard of this WATCHMEN thing, right? Heard it might catch on) has done the cover for us, and he'll be signing free posters with me at the Capcom booth at SDCC from 5pm this Saturday.

That's right around the time my next big writing gig is being announced. Watch this space. This one's gonna be fun.

I'll then be wittering (and possibly Twittering) about my involvement with Bionic Commando at the big Capcom panel at 6pm, SDCC Room 2. I'll presumably also be signing at the DC booth at some point, though I haven't seen a schedule yet.

Meanwhile I'm running around like a tweaker in a hamster wheel, trying to get on top of my unannounced projects before I lose a week inside the giant crazy pinball machine that is San Diego Comic-Con. That's if they'll even let me in. I'm on DC's guest list, but I never registered with the con folks and now I'm having a last-minute panic attack that I won't be eligible for entry...

Anyway, I promise I'll update this blog more often, and daily via this newfangled Twitter feed. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday May 3rd is Free Comic Book Day, and I'll be signing and giving away free copies of BATMAN and GREEN ARROW at First Age Comics in Lancaster from 1pm.

The first five customers in line will also get a free JUDGE DREDD VS. ALIENS hardcover.

First Age Comics can be found in the Assembly Rooms on King Street, Lancaster. Bring the kids!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Signing at London's ORBITAL

I'll be signing at Orbital Comics on Charing Cross Road from 1 to 3pm this afternoon.

Sadly, it seems that DC have put back the release date of the GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE hardcover to next week, without telling us... but what the hell, you can always get your singles signed before you flog 'em to pay for the trade, right?

Plus HELLBLAZER: JOYRIDE and the complete LENNY ZERO in MEGA-CITY UNDERCOVER are both hot off the presses. Go get 'em, Floyd!

Friday, March 14, 2008

WIZARD Interview

Wizard have just been talking to Jock and myself about our work on LENNY ZERO and beyond.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Sci-fi crime caper LENNY ZERO was the first collaboration between Jock and myself, and it's never been reprinted... until now!

MEGA-CITY UNDERCOVER includes the complete three-story run of LENNY ZERO, plus the excellent LOWLIFE by Rob Williams, Henry Flint and Simon Coleby.

It also features an all-new introduction by myself and an all-new cover by Jock.

SFX magazine have been chatting with both the LENNY ZERO and LOWLIFE creative teams in anticipation of the book's release, which is due... sometime this month, apparently! It only says "March" on the 2000AD website (which I guess is better than the Amazon UK listing, which says it was due out in January).

If you haven't read LENNY ZERO yet, be warned that the marketing blurb on 2000AD's site and Amazon UK massively spoils the twist ending of Lenny's origin story. Thanks, Tharg!

Instead, here's the LENNY ZERO blurb I wrote for my website:

Lenny Zero was a Mega-City Judge, a member of Justice Department's oddball Undercover Division, nicknamed the "Wally Squad". But Lenny made a big mistake. He fell in love...

When his cover was blown, mob boss "Little Caesar" Piccante threatened to kill Lenny's girlfriend Mona, unless he agreed to betray Justice Department. But Lenny had long since lost faith in the system, and wanted nothing more than to live free with the woman he loved.

And so he secretly plotted to turn the tables on Caesar and Justice Department both - by stealing Caesar's fortune!

At least, that was the plan...

I'll be signing both this and the imminent GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE hardcover at London's Orbital Comics on Charing Cross Road on April 12th. After which there's the distinct possibility of a pint.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Jeff Parker's GAMEKEEPER Vol. 2

AICN Comics have a six-page preview of GAMEKEEPER volume 2, with the mighty Jeff Parker taking over on writing duties.

Good job, too -- that last writer sucked.

(Scroll down for it).

Eagle Awards Nominations

The Eagle Awards are open for nominations until 22nd March, with HELLBLAZER already nominated for Favourite Colour Comicbook (American).

All of my work published during 2007 is eligible, including both HELLBLAZER # 238 ("THE SMOKE") and GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE for Favourite Comics Story, and Oliver Queen and John Constantine for Favourite Comics Hero.

Personally, I'll be voting Jock for Favourite Artist for GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE plus Favourite Cover Artist for SCALPED, and John Wagner for the Roll of Honour. Who's with me?

Thursday, February 28, 2008


HELLBLAZER: JOYRIDE, the trade paperback collection of my first 8 issues, is on sale this week, featuring the stunning artwork of Leo Manco and an introduction by British novelist and screenwriter Stephen Gallagher.

Here's what the great and the good have had to say about it:

"Andy Diggle and Leonardo Manco are writing my favorite John Constantine since Ennis and Dillon. A must-read."
-- Brian K. Vaughan

"Diggle’s conjuring a spot-on take of Constantine’s character, a sexy-dangerous-but-likable mix of the Brian Azzarello conman with the worldly magician of his original English roots. A must-read."
-- Wizard (Book of the Month)

"You'd be well-served to start at the beginning of Diggle's run, because this is the best work of fiction John Constantine has been involved with in years."

"This is already the best HELLBLAZER since Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon were in charge... This is subtle, well-considered writing with a creeping, gradual sense of dread. It's very impressive."
-- SFX

"Like Diggle’s take on Constantine’s world, Manco’s art shows no mercy and spares no-one... HELLBLAZER is as good as it’s ever been. GRADE: A+"

"If you haven’t jumped on board yet, you better hurry up."
-- Ain't It Cool News

Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Week In Media

Thanks to that gutter-press layabout Craig McGill, I've just been tagged with this My Week In Media meme that's apparently doing the rounds.

(And don't you just hate people who use words like "meme" and "trope"? It's like the phrase "tour de force" - nobody says that shit in real life except on the back of a book blurb. Tossers!).

Anyway, since I'm never too busy with work to waste a morning on pointless displacement activity, I'm all over it like atopic dermatitis.


Been working my way through the stack I got for Christmas, including:

THE BOURNE TRILOGY: I've always said action movies don't have to treat the audience like fucking idiots, and the success of the Bourne movies proves it. Rock solid entertainment. I wish they'd kept in more of ULTIMATUM's missing scenes showing the backstabbing backroom politics at Langley, though.

28 WEEKS LATER: Even better than the original. In most horror movies, things go wrong because the characters act like idiots. In this movie, everything goes wrong because the characters try to do the decent, human thing. That is some bleak shit. You really, really want these people to live. Doyle is a stand-up guy.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END: An incoherent mess. Just fucking awful. Seriously, what were they even thinking? They could have cured cancer with the amount of money this must have cost, but it didn't occur to them to come up with an actual story first?

BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT: A smart new cut in a crystal-clear print, correcting (most of) the myriad annoying little continuity glitches which always made me suspect that Ridley Scott cared far more about "creating a world" (i.e "making pretty pictures") than actually telling a story. Seriously, he designs every magazine on sale in the street vendors' stalls, but he can't find a matching wig for Joanna Cassidy's stunt double or keep track of how many replicants are supposed to be in his story? Priorities, dude. Still, a bloody great film all round, now even better.

DANGEROUS DAYS: MAKING BLADE RUNNER: Simply one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It weighs in at a staggering three and a half hours, yet every moment is pure gold dust for a BLADE RUNNER nerd like me. You get the very clear impression that Harrison Ford would have dearly loved to punch Ridley Scott's lights out. Funniest moment: Roy Batty's death scene. Rutger Hauer releases the white dove... which is so rain-soaked it's too heavy to fly, so it just sort of waddles off sadly. Poetry.


THE RELIGION by Tim Willocks: a ballsy, bloody, rollicking historical adventure novel about a worldly mercenary hired to snatch a bastard child from the jaws of the invading Turks during the Siege of Malta in 1565. Brutal, philosophical and compelling.

THE FBI: A COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE GUIDE: Dipping into this one for reference for an OGN I'm writing.


BUFFY SEASON EIGHT # 10: Picked it up yesterday from First Age Comics in Lancaster; haven't read it yet.


30 ROCK skipped a week, so it's pretty much just been BBC News, Al Jazeera English and kid's stuff for me. Although I did introduce my four-year old daughter to the joys of BEN 10. Gotta love that Jack-Kirby-by-way-of-Mike-Mignola-by-way-of-Dave-Johnson production design.


I wish! Having two pre-school kids makes it hard to get out of an evening, although I'd probably give I AM LEGEND a go if there's nothing else on. Very much looking forward to NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN though, kids be damned.


Usual morning trawl through my Safari toolbar faves: BBC News, Reuters, AICN, Slashfilm, Engadget, Variety, plus RSS feeds from Alex Epstein, Stephen Gallagher, John August and John Rogers, and the occasional dip into the Straight To Hell HELLBLAZER message board and the V forum to see what's going on in the comics world, although I do miss their old giant comics thread.

No wonder I never seem to get any work done.

Right, I'm now going to tag Antony Johnston, Alex Epstein, Brian K. Vaughan and Jason Aaron with this thing. Let's see if they bite.