Sunday, July 09, 2006

Final Draft for Comics

Doug Dalton asks:
Internet rumor has it that you once made an awesome Final Draft template for comic book scripts. And, it was once available for download. However, it is now nowhere to be found. Does it still exist? Would you be willing to share it again? I certainly hope so!
For once, Internet rumour actually has it right. It was Antony Johnston who first switched me on to the joys of Final Draft, and gave me a copy of his own comic-book template to go along with it.

Since then I've developed my own version of the template, which more closely resembles traditional screenplay format - right down to the pig-ugly Courier font. You can download it for Final Draft 6 here. Look for the title page under Document -> Title Page.

My template is pretty much pared-down to the bone, so I've also provided my original script for the first issue of SILENT DRAGON in FD format, so you can see how it looked beofre Leinil Yu wrought his artistic magic on it. And hey - the graphic novel's out next week! Coincidence... ?

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Casey McKinnon said...

This is great, Andy, thanks for sharing! I just included in a blog post here with links to other resources to help people trying to learn how to format their writing for comics.