Friday, March 03, 2006

Joss Whedon on THE LOSERS

Okay, so I know this is a shameless display of own-trumpet-blowing on my part, but what the hell -- I'm so chuffed, I can't not post it...

In the latest Marvel Spotlight, writer/director/all-round genius Joss Whedon lists his favourite comic books, including THE LOSERS:
"Never miss an issue. I'm down with The Losers in a big way. It's tough to make international espionage fresh, and I love that book."
So maybe we never exactly set the sales charts on fire, but an endorsement like that almost means more to me. I have big, big love for Joss Whedon's work, from TOY STORY to BUFFY to FIREFLY and SERENITY, and to get respect from a guy I respect so much really does mean a hell of lot to me.

So, cheers Joss! Cheque's in the post.

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