Sunday, October 16, 2005

Radio Daze

I'll be chatting live with those kerrazy cats at Fanboy Radio tonight. Not quite sure what to expect, but it's 6pm tonight Central U.S. time, i.e. midnight out here in the Land of the Greenwich Mean Timers.

And I've been baby-wrangling and cranking out THE LOSERS since the crack of sparrowfart this morning, so the chances of me remaining awake/sober/compos mentis that long are not good.

But hey! What's the point of live radio if you can't make a total jackass of yourself, right? You can add to my ritual humiliation by phoning in your questions/abuse/dirty limericks to U.S. (817) 257-7631.

All y'all Texan types in and around Fort Worth can check it out on KTCU 88.7FM, while everyone else can listen in live over the web.

Or, y'know, find something more worthwhile to do with your Sunday...

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