Monday, August 08, 2005

Playing It Safe

Am I the only one who thinks the current bout of arse-covering and playing it safe being displayed by NASA is a little bit, well, unmanly? Space travel should be a bold adventure, not a bland commute. It's supposed to be dangerous, dammit!

I mean, fair enough, a record-breaking spacewalk to do repairs is kind of cool. But when the "repairs" turn out to be pulling a piece of junk the size of a credit card out from between two tiles, I can't help feeling like, "Is that it? Damn, how would these guys cope if the negative power coupling needed replacing... ?"

This is what happens when you let the bureacrats take over. It's like - they could build a functioning heat shield back in the 1960s. Did they forget how?

And now they've delayed the landing by 24 hours because the weather is "a bit cloudy". What would the steely-eyed missile men of Mercury and Apollo make of that, I wonder... ?

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