Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Bit Of What You Fancy Does You Good

I couldn't make it to San Diego Comic Con this year as it clashed with our fifth wedding anniversary and, bizarrely, Angela didn't seem to think that spending it in a giant, overheated, toy-filled hangar with 100,000 sweaty fanboys sounded suitably romantic.


Fortunately we had a much better idea, which was to spend it at The Witchery in Edinburgh. Cheap it ain't, but boy, do they know how to look after you in this place. It's a 16th century building overlooking the Royal Mile, literally a stone's thrown from Edinburgh Castle, and they only have seven guest rooms, each with its own style and theme (we stayed in The Armoury one night and The Library the next).

Unbelievably over-the-top decor, food to die for (both at the Witchery's Garden Restaurant and the Thai Orchid round the corner), champagne on tap, and many fine pints of Caledonian 80 Shilling ale at The Malt Shovel down the road. All in all, just what I needed to recharge the old creative batteries. Life is good!

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