Saturday, July 30, 2005

Absent Dragon

I'm hearing from people who've been looking for Silent Dragon # 1, only to find their local comic store hasn't ordered it and "doesn't know much about it".

Which is kind of irritating, considering they should at the very least have received one of these nifty retailer posters...

Friday, July 29, 2005

So What Are The Other Eight... ?

Looks like Silent Dragon # 1 just made Book Of The Week over at Ninth Art:

"SILENT DRAGON is recommended for anyone who likes crazily big fights, tormented characters, gunplay, swordplay and killer cliff hanger endings. And that includes you, ya big faker..."

Rumour Control: Take 2

I can, as the saying goes, neither confirm nor deny the assertion on Ain't It Cool News that "Hollywood screenwriter Peter "COLLATERAL" Berg is looking at possibly adapting Vertigo’s THE LOSERS."

What I can say is that Peter Berg isn't just a screenwriter; he's an actor-screenwriter-producer-director. And he didn't write Collateral, although he did have a bit part in it.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Silent Dragon # 2 Sneak Peaks

Issue 1 goes on sale in the US today, so here's a sneak peek at a couple of pages from issue # 2, just to keep you hungry for more.

Is Leinil Yu a goddamn force of nature or what?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More Shameless Self Promotion

I've just done a short interview at the Comic Foundry about the genesis of Silent Dragon, which goes on sale in the US today... as if you needed reminding.

No, really.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Kevin Spacey As Lex Luthor

Like Christian Bale as Batman, this is another bit of dream comic-book casting. I swear these Hollywood types are psychically tapping my brain. Hollywood, if anyone's listening - Russell Crowe as Colonel Clay, please. Cheers.

Still, you'd think an evil genius billionaire industrialist could afford a better wardrobe than a left-over 1990 Dick Tracy trenchcoat...

The New Who

The BBC have just posted some pics of David Tennant as the new Doctor Who. I love this look - it's contemporary and yet timeless, scruffy and eccentric without, y'know, looking like it's trying too hard ("Paging Colin Baker!").

I'm already liking this guy more than Christopher Ecclestone and he hasn't even started yet.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Nothing To Lose

I'm not sure where John Voulieris is getting his information from (although I'd kinda like to know, to be honest), but he's just posted a rumour on All The Rage claiming that Peter Berg is in discussions to make a movie based on The Losers.

Now this is one of those things I'm not really supposed to talk about, despite not owning or having any official stake in The Losers myself. But Greg Noveck (DC Comics' answer to Avi Arad) has told me before now that he gets more expressions of interest from Hollywood regarding The Losers than for any other DC property. Make of that what you will.

The only downside is that Warner Bros have first dibs on any feature versions of DC properties, and there are already several heavy-hitters with production deals at WB (people you've heard of, trust me) who supposedly want to make the Losers movie. Which sounds great, until you realise that until they stop squabbling over who gets the biggest slice of the pie, nobody's even going to option the damn thing.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying, don't believe anything until you read it in the trades.

Still. Fingers crossed, eh?

Aim For The Head

Recent events in my dear old hometown of London are making me wish I'd kept that "AIM FOR THE HEAD" badge I was given by a kindly passing Shaun Of The Dead promo guy at SDCC last year.

Terrorists and zombies - not so different after all, apparently.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

So What's The Verdict... ?

Should I replace the Andy Diggle Forum and with this blog? 'Cause I just don't have the time any more (or the inclination, for that matter) to moderate an "online community", whatever that is.

Let me know what you think...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Silent Dragon # 1 On Sale Next Week

I could just re-post the solicitation copy, but suffice it to say it's got GIANT ROBOTS! SWORD FIGHTS! REALLY BIG GUNS!

... And, y'know, probably some grown-up stuff about love and death and loyalty and giri-ninjo, whatever that is.

But never mind about all that! What's important is that it looks this pretty. Check out the interview with Leinil Yu over at Silver Bullet Comics for more.

A Bit Of What You Fancy Does You Good

I couldn't make it to San Diego Comic Con this year as it clashed with our fifth wedding anniversary and, bizarrely, Angela didn't seem to think that spending it in a giant, overheated, toy-filled hangar with 100,000 sweaty fanboys sounded suitably romantic.


Fortunately we had a much better idea, which was to spend it at The Witchery in Edinburgh. Cheap it ain't, but boy, do they know how to look after you in this place. It's a 16th century building overlooking the Royal Mile, literally a stone's thrown from Edinburgh Castle, and they only have seven guest rooms, each with its own style and theme (we stayed in The Armoury one night and The Library the next).

Unbelievably over-the-top decor, food to die for (both at the Witchery's Garden Restaurant and the Thai Orchid round the corner), champagne on tap, and many fine pints of Caledonian 80 Shilling ale at The Malt Shovel down the road. All in all, just what I needed to recharge the old creative batteries. Life is good!

Testing, Testing... is in dire need of an overhaul, and I'm thinking of wiping out my Delphi forum in favour of a blog. One-way communication just seems so much less tiresome.

Of course, it's all really just displacement activity when what I'm really supposed to be doing is writing...